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Erbario Toscano is an italian brand known worldwide by
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_________Erbario Toscano Pure Rose 3R BioComplex_________
The Rose, Queen of Flowers, symbolizes the purity of the woman and her youth. The
fragrance is pleasurable and the delicate blend caresses the skin. Erbario Toscano has
selected derivatives of three organic roses to celebrate the female beauty and protect it from
the damages of physiological aging and to restore the promise of beauty that this flower
gives. The exclusive active blend,
3R BIOCOMPLEX, contains a combination of: Organic
Centifolia Rose extract
, hydrating and elasticity action; Organic Damask Rose Bud water,
antioxidant and protective action; Organic Rosehip oil, revitalizing and repairing action.
Pure Rose 3R BIOCOMPLEX rebalances the hydro-lipid layer of the skin and enhances
elasticity and softness for an effective protection against external aggression.
Clinically Tested and Tested for Nickel.

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Erbario Toscano Pure Rose 3R BioComplex
Ultra Rich Body Cream
Argan Oil - Sweet Almond Oil - Shea Butter -
Chamomile - Elicriso
Ultra rich and silky textured body treatment for a
moisturizing and restructuring action. It is ideal
in cases of dryness and aridity and plays a
decisive role in preventing the onset of stretch
marks. Made with a blend of organic Roses,
organic Argan, sweet Almond oil and organic
Shea butter that thanks to the vitamins (A, B, E
and F) and the protective properties, makes this
treatment appropriate even to the most delicate
skins. Size 6.75 oz - 200 ml. Made in Italy
Price: $38.00
Erbario Toscano Pure Rose 3R BioComplex
Delicate Shower Bath
No Parabens, No SLS, No SLES, No Silicons, No
Colorants, NO Mineral Oil
A rich and fragrant lather for the daily cleansing
of the body, formulated to respect the natural
physiological PH it performs a noticeable
moisturizing and soothing action. It is suitable
for all skin types, especially in cases of dry and
sensitive skin. Size 8.45 oz - 250 ml.
Made in Italy
Price: $20.00
Erbario Toscano Pure Rose 3R BioComplex
Bar Soap with Rose Petals
Organic Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil
Gently cleanses and purifies the skin, leaving it
soft and smooth thanks to the moisturizing
properties of the Rose. Contains organic Argan
Oil and Sweet Almond which plays a barrier
against external aggressions.
Size 4.93 oz - 140 gr. Made in Italy
Price: $12.00
Erbario Toscano Pure Rose 3R BioComplex
Ultra Rich Hand Cream
Shea Butter, Chamomile, Elicrisio
A rich and nourishing emulsion for a soft and
smooth skin. Contains an exclusive blend
derived from organic Roses that improves
hydration and elasticity of the skin and organic
Shea butter, which, thanks to the vitamins
contained and its film forming and protective
properties makes this treatment suitable even
for the most delicate skins.
Size 3.38 oz - 100 ml. Made in Italy
Price: $20.00
Erbario Toscano Pure Rose 3R BioComplex
Moisturizing Shower Oil
Calendula, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil
Highly eudermic cleansing oil, suitable for all
skin types, especially for cleansing of the skin
dry, sensitive and prone to peeling. Its formula,
rich in selected vegetable oils, is a
multi-purpose treatment that in addition to
gently cleansing the body, has a moisturizing,
nourishing and smoothing effect.

Apply to damp skin, massaging all over the body to
form a fluid milk, then rinse. The skin will be instantly
softer, silky and pleasantly scented. The rose
fragrance, with its delicate and soothing notes,
envelops the body in a moment of daily well-being and
relaxation. Size 4.22 oz.
Price: $20.00
Erbario Toscano Pure Rose 3R BioComplex
24H Face Cream - Total Hydration
Hyaluronic Acid, Centifolia Rose Stem Cells, Mineral
Dust Protection
A quickly absorbed light textured treatment ,
moisturizes and protects the skin for a fresh,
smooth and uniform look. Treats and prevents
the typical signs of dehydration caused by
chemical factors (make-up, surfactants) and the
weather (cold, wind, humidity), such as flaking
and dryness. Ideal in cases of dehydration.
Apply daily morning and evening on cleansed
dry skin. It is an excellent base for make-up and
can be used as an intensive moisturizing night
treatment promoting the natural cell
regeneration process, favoring the skin’s
physiological functions. Size 1.69 oz - 50 ml
Price: $58.00
Erbario Toscano Pure Rose 3R BioComplex
Anti Age Face Cream - Filler Effect
Centifolia Rose Stem Cells, Hibiscus
A toning treatment for an immediate firming and
filler effect. It stimulates the natural synthesis of
collagen and hyaluronic acid which performs a
long lasting filler effect. Thanks to its precious
active ingredients, the skin is smooth and
compact, and the contours resculpted and
defined. Prevents aging, leaving the skin: Tonic,
Restored, Smooth ! Apply daily morning and
evening on cleansed dry skin. Is an ideal base
for make-up. Size 1.69 oz - 50 ml. Made in Italy.
Price: $68.00
Erbario Toscano Pure Rose 3R BioComplex
Face Cream for Sensitive Skin -
Perfect Wake-Up.
Centifolia Rose Stem Cells, Shea Butter, Vitamin E & F
A rich textured treatment that ensures an immediate
rejuvenating effect which relieves and nourishes the
skin when it is stressed and irritated. This formula is
indicated for dry skins and in cases of rosacea or
hypersensivity and is an effective protection against
external aggressions. Prevents skin aging leaving the
skin Nourished, Rejuvenated, Protected.
Apply daily morning and evening on dry cleansed skin.
Is an ideal rejuvenating treatment to use at night when
the skin is more receptive. An excellent base for
make-up. Size 1.69 oz - 50 ml. Made in Italy.
Price: $58.00
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