ITALIAN BATH & BODY : MONOTHEME Fine Fragrances by Mavive Spa
Created in Venice, Monotheme Classic is a collection of monothematic fragrances.
Created according to the traditional classical perfumery, each fragrance is
characterized by the presence of One prevailing raw material.  
Made in Venice, Italy by Mavive S.p.A., one of the most acclaimed perfume houses.
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MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Vetiver Bourbon
Eau de Toilette for Men
Masculine 'par excellence'. Loved by women for
its bitter base note, which is synonymous with the
essence of masculinity. The aromatic base notes
of artemisia and coriander, complemented by
the citrus tones of lemon and bergamot, lead to
the rich and elegant note of vetiver bourbon and
a subtle final touch of orange blossom. The
bouquet is completed by the woody and musky
tones of sandalwood and oak moss.
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
White Tea
Eau de Toilette for Women
A very rare and spiritual ingredient, used in
Imperial China since ancient times as an elixir of
long life. The delicate note of white tea is
accompanied by the freshness of white flowers
(lily of the valley and gardenia) and rare spices
(cardamom and white pepper) and
complemented by soft musky scents and the
vibrant tone of Maté.
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Agrumi di Sicilia
Eau de Toilette for Unisex
The delicate spring freshness of orange blossom is
complemented by a sprightly top note, where
tones of tangerine and bitter orange lead to a
flowery heart of jasmine and butterbush,
completed by the soft scent of white musk. For
him and for her - fresh, a perfect morning
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Apotheose de Rose
Eau de Toilette for Women
First the fruity freshness of mandarin and pear, then
the release of the sweet floral bouquet of rose,
giving plenty of sensuality to Apothéose de Rose.
A soft, young and feminine rose. The bottom note
is a longlasting but delicate bouquet of musk,
patchouli and tonka beans.
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Aqua Marina
Eau de Toilette for Men
A very contrasted fragrance, revealing its faceted
character trough a light transparent fresh starting
of watery notes, combined with fresh fizzy citrus
elements - lemon, lime, grapefruit, and mandarin
- leading to a determined spicy heart of clove
leaves, cardamom seeds, nutmeg, well
balanced with a tree of aromatic herbs - laurel,
clary sage, rosemary. The fresh top meets a very
warm sensual dryout of cedarwood, amber, and
vetiver, which gets it extremely distinctive and
unique!  Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Daisy Daisy
Eau de Toilette for Women
The lively and fruity head note coupled with fresh
green touches introduce the delicate essence of
Daisy Daisy, a vivacious and feminine fragrance
with a jus that conquers at its first zephyr. The heart
bursts forth with the sunny nature of daisies,
symbol of simplicity and innocence, and is
rounded-off by a sophisticated bouquet of white
flowers such as Gardenia, Lilly of the Valley, and
Egyptian Jasmine. At the base, a soft accord of
the precious woods of Sandal and Cashmere is
enriched with notes of White Musk, suggesting an
air of sweetness and sensuality.
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Patchouly Leaves
Eau de Toilette for Men
The essence of patchouli, distilled from the leaves
of this plant native of Malaysia, India and China,
has been used for a very long time in the
manufacture of perfumes for its sweet, rich scent
and its aphrodisiac properties.  Created by master
perfumier Lorenzo Vidal, the fragrances are
complex and authentically Venetian.
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Vanilla Blossom
Eau de Toilette for Women
The essence of vanilla, with its most sensual and
unique scent, is extracted from a beautiful and
delicate orchid. This fragrance is a precious
bouquet that combines elegant and deeply
feminine tones. Soft, warm and sensual, it contains
all the unique characteristics of this wonderful
flower, fusing them with luminous fruity accents
and sophisticated and enveloping woody notes.
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Eau de Toilette for Unisex
Aromatic and invigorating, its notes are
masterfully blended with brilliant citrus touches in
a frizzy and sun-blessed union. In the heart note,
the delicacy of white flowers from the
mediterranean encounters the vivacity of the
most audacious green notes. The suggestive
nuances of vetiver, amber and musk in the base
note seals this olfactory creation with touches of
sensuality, and imbues it with an alluring
persistency. Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
White Gardenia
Eau de Toilette for Women
Native to the Far East, India and China, the
gardenia flowers have always been known and
admired for their outstanding fragrance, intense,
rich, sweet, with its peculiar floral green note, and
for their aphrodisiac virtues as well. Extremely
precious - and expensive, due to the very small
yield of the extraction process from fresh flowers
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
White Musk
Eau de Toilette for Women
Soft, captivating, tenderly and sophisticated.
Musk is an animal scent used since ancient times
as one of the most important -and highly prized-
basic ingredients in the preparation of perfumes.
White musk maintains its musk heritage, but the
fragrance is more delicate and fresh,
accompanied by a citrus touch of bergamot and
mandarin, and by a floral sweet heart (water lily
and jasmine), all enriched by an intense, enduring
dry-down of warm and precious woods
(sandalwood, patchouli).
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Eau de Toilette for Women
The delicacy of this composition is immediately
expressed in its head notes, where green accords
masterfully merge with fresh citrus notes.
Enhanced by a bouquet of white flowers, the
fragrance subsequently bursts forth with the
elegance of Magnolia in its heart note. Majestic
and noble, this ingredient perfectly celebrates the
sophistication and beauty of an alluring femininity.
The base note seals the sensual charge of this
fragrance by an altogether fetching union of the
most refine musky touches with that of intense
woody notes. Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48 - Sold Out
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Eau de Toilette for Women
Mimosa is a symbol of femininity , the flower
creates a fascinating and playful scent, capable
of surprising and inebriating all the senses. The
note imbues a freshness to the composition well
balanced with an all-embracing luminosity,
typical of the flowering mimosa.
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Black Musk
Eau de Toilette for Men
A rich and decidedly masculine fragrance, with
spicy tones of fresh ginger and cardamom fused
with the precious woody hints of cedar and
guaiacum and softened by warm nuances of
vanilla and patchouli.
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Green Tea
Eau de Toilette for Men
Considered among Eastern cultures as an elixir of
life, its origins go back to time immemorial.The
leaves of Green Tea, whose relaxing properties
have always been  acknowledged, are the core
ingredient of this fragrance, delicate and subtle,
fresh and reassuring. Lively, with a hint of citrus
and delicately floral, soft and natural, it gives a
long-lasting sense of wellbeing. A fragrance
created for men, and loved by women, too.
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
MONOTHEME Classic Fragrances - Venice, Italy
Narciso Bianco
Eau de Toilette for Women
Coquettish, sophisticated, innocent... Narcissus,
magical perfume, expressing beauty at its most
feminine. Enchanting bouquet that holds, in its
delicate essence, the promise of seduction. The
fragrance, vibrant and luminous in its top notes,
reveals an intense floral heart dominated by
Narcissus that softens into a sensual, velvety trail.
Bottle Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Price $48
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New Collection - LIBRO DEGLI AGRUMI - Learn More
Boccioli di Limone
Verde d'Arancia
In Monotheme Black Label, rich essential oils are mixed wisely
with elegant essences, giving life to splendid fragrances. The
clear design of the packaging with its captivating tonalities of
black and gold gives an oriental touch.
For Men and Women
MONOTHEME - Black Label
BLACK OUD Eau de Parfum 100 ml Spray
Determined and profound, Black Oud enchants at the first
encounter of its audacious head note, rich in Citruses and
burning Black Pepper chords. The heart is an attractive array of
opposites, between the delicate nuances of Geranium and the
energetic bursts of Spanish Cistus Absolute and Cloves of
Madagascar. The bottom is dominated by the Oud,
underpinned by the hypnotic marriage of sensuous amber
notes to the elegant woody chords of Labdanum Absolute.
Price $56
MONOTHEME - Black Label
ROSE OUD Eau de Parfum 100 ml Spray
After a sparkling head chord of Lemons and Elemi, the heart
bursts forth, dominated by a tender and sensual note of
Morocco Rose. Geranium flower enriches the heart of Rose Oud
by giving it a fresh and romantic touch. The fragrance closes
with Agar Wood, Indonesian Patchouli and Amber chords,
which instil character and persistency into the bottom note and
create a sensual and precious fragrance.
Price $56
MONOTHEME - Black Label
AMBER WOOD Eau de Parfum 100 ml Spray
Spicy and exuberant notes of Greek Red Saffron, burning
Incense, and Cistus, introduce the rich and sensual fragrance of
Amber Wood. The warm and amber heart is enriched with a
flowery and vibrant bouquet of Birch. The final touch is created
by precious Vetiver Java and Sandalwood that reveal the
intense soul of Amber Wood.
Price $56
MONOTHEME - Black Label
LEATHER Eau de Parfum 100 ml Spray
Leather is an olfactory array that opens with the merging of
elegant spices such as Saffron from Spain, lightly touched by
velvety caresses of Incense. Mysterious and sensual
Cedarwood chords burst in the heart, embraced fully by a
sumptuous floral accord and gourmand touches. The bottom is
dark and intense, a melange of precious woods, French
Labdanum Resin, and Morocco Leather that exalts all the
power of Leather, the symbol of class and elegance.
Price $56
Black Oud
Rose Oud
Amber Wood
Libro degli Agrumi
of Monotheme interprets faithfully
the most famous citrus notes,
offering a journey through the
Mediterranean area and its
cultural wealth.
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Classic Eau de Toilette
Bottle Spray 100 ml
Venice - Italy
An elegant and refined
bottle which highlights
the quality of the
fragrance, embellished
with a gilded vaporiser
and cap, both of which
express the finest
English tradition.
Narciso Bianco
Green Tea
Black Musk
White Tea
White Musk
White Gardenia
Vetiver Bourbon
Vanilla Blossom
Patchouly Leaves
Mimosa | Floral
Magnolia | Floral
Daisy Daisy
Aqua Marina
Apotheose de Rose
Agrumi di Sicilia