Spuma di Sciampagna by
Italsilva Spa - Imported from
Milano, ITALY for you!!

Emporio Italiano brings you
Italy's Champagne Bath
(Spuma di Sciampagna)  -
bubbles, bubbles and more
bubbles to moisturize and
soften your skin!!!

unmistakable one, originating
in the 1930's with its rich gold
color Art Deco image
characteristic of this wonderful
bath line.

Still today,
takes great
pride in emphasizing its
ancient tradition formulation
with softening ingredients, all
with a subtle, powdery floral

La freschezza e la dolcezza di
soli ingredienti naturali che
rispettano l'epidermide e ne
fanno prodotti insostituibili per
l'igiene quotidiana di tutta la
Spuma di Sciampagna Silk Bar Soap Perfumed
Soap - Sapone Profumato 4.4 oz. - 125 gr.
Price for 3-pack: $9.75 ($3.25 each)
Spuma di Sciampagna Silk BUBBLE BATH
Bagno Schiuma 16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml large)
Price: $13.50
Spuma di Sciampagna Silk LIQUID SOAP
Moisturizing Silk Soap for Hands 500 ml
Sapone Seta Mani Idratante.
Price: $11.50
ITALIAN BATH & BODY : Spuma di Sciampagna - Champagne Bath
Italy's Champagne Bath (Spuma di Sciampagna)  - bubbles, bubbles and more
bubbles!! From the oldest family owned perfumery in Italy, Spuma di
Sciampagna is overflowing with softening ingredients, all with a subtle,
powdery floral fragrance. Love by Women !!  Imported from Italy. Italsilva.
Marsiglia Bath Bar by Spuma di Sciampagna 5.28 oz - 150 gr.
Sapone Naturale di Marsiglia
Ph balanced and fragrance free natural soap, this bath bar of
natural ingredients is superb for daily hygiene of the skin. It deep
cleans while maintaining moisture. Makes the skin feel soft &
velvety. Wonderful for sensitive skin and young children.
Antibacterial. Imported from Italy.
Price: $4.25
Spuma di Sciampagna Silk SHOWER GEL -
A rich, cream shower gel that will cleanse and
soften even the driest skin. A divine fragrance of
Italian tradition. 250 ml.
(Doccia Seta Idratante)
Price: $8.95
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Spuma di Sciampagna EAU DE PARFUM
For lovers of the original fragrance that has always been the
trademark of Spuma di Sciampagna products: the exclusive Eau
de Parfum. An original bouquet that caresses the body and mind,
activating positive sensations.
Price: $39.99 (SORRY SOLD OUT)
MARSIGLIA SOAP by Spuma di Sciampagna. Imported from Italy
Spuma di Sciampagna Liquid
Laundry Detergent/Soap
1.56 liters (31 Loads)
A detergent with the cleaning power of
Marsiglia soap, for machine washing,
powerful on stains and delicate on
fabrics. Approved by the Woolmark and
Ecolabel brands. Lends a classic clean
fragrance of essential citronella oil.
Price: $24.95 (1.56 liters bottle)
please limit 6 bottles per order
Prodotti Italiani Spuma
di Sciampagna per il
bucato e lavatrice
Italian products Spuma
di Sciampagna for
laundry & washing
Spuma di Sciampagna
Cube Laundry Soap
The traditional marsiglia cube soap, containing
special vegetable oils. Produced according to an
ancient recipe passed down from the master
soap-makers of the ancient Italian Provence. An
extremely pure soap with high cleaning and
lathering characteristics, featuring a fresh citronella
scent. Ideal for precious woolen and silk garments,
leaves hands supple and silky.
Price: $9.95
Spuma di Sciampagna Silk BODY POWDER
Talco Profumato 200 gr. - large size
Price: $14.95
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Marseille Soap is
naturally pH neutral and
Spuma di
Sciampagna Marsiglia
personal hygiene and
beauty care products are
therefore ideal for adults
and children alike.
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Marsiglia Liquid Hand Soap 500 ml by
Spuma di Sciampagna
Ph balanced and fragrance free, this
liquid hand soap of natural ingredients
is superb for daily hygiene of the skin. It
deep cleans while maintaining
moisture. Wonderful for sensitive skin
and young children. Size 500 ml
Price: $11.95
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Liquid Laundry Detergent
1.5 liters (16 Loads)
A detergent that combines the washing
power of Marsiglia tradition with new
technology designed for
dark colors.
Designed for hand and machine
washing to revitalize dark colors.
Black Secret fragrance
Price: $39.00
NEW: Borotalco Velvety  
Body Cream
Spuma di Sciampagna
Marsiglia Fabric
1.56 liters (26 Loads)
Marsiglia softener with triple action:
Clean - Soft - Perfumed
New concentrated formula enriched
with microcapsules that gradually
release their fragrance. Fresh perfumed
laundry for up to 4 weeks!
Price: $29.95 (1.56 liters bottle)
please limit 3 bottles per order
LAUNDRY CARE by Spuma di Sciampagna
Spuma di Sciampagna
Floor Cleaner 750 ml
Talc Powder Perfumed
Per Pavimenti, Profumato al Talco
Price: $21.99
(Italian Chef's Liquid Hand Soap 300 ml)
Bad Odor Eliminator
Formulated with Organic Mediterranean rosemary
and sage essential oils, combined with Sicilian
lemon juice create a powerfully fresh kitchen wash
up. 'Lavamani dello Chef' liquid soap is made with
natural raw materials,
designed to eliminate bad
odors from coming from onions, garlic, fish,
No animal testing, and no petrol derivatives,
with green energy production makes this Italian
Green Chef a must for every chef and every
Price: $12.00
Lavamani dello Chef, special
kitchen soap designed for
chefs, elimantes bad odors
from hands coming from
onions, garlic, fish, etc...