W o r l d w i d e    S h i p p i n g    A v a i l a b l e
SuperCrema Anti-Aging
Night Cream
This magnificent Italian anti-aging
night cream truly replenishes and
revitalizes your skin while your
body is at rest, during sleep
Works wonders for very dry
areas around eyes, neck,
elbows, finger tips! It contains
premium quality 100% Biological
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (rich in
Vitamin A, Vitamin E, beta
carotene and squalene) and
scented with natural essential
sweet orange oil. SuperCrema
anti-aging creamy oil is highly
emollient resulting in hydration,
extra layer protection, anti-aging
and smoother younger-looking

Apply gently all over your face,
neck or body until it is absobed
to allow SuperCrema to deeply
moisturize, nourish and replenish
skin during the night. For better
results, apply after washing with
a neutral soap.
SuperCrema Potent
Hand Cream
SuperCrema is a potent creamy
oil made from 100% Italian
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It
moisturizes and nourishes your
hands leaving it soft and smooth,
non-greasy. Contains
antioxidants, Vitamin A, E and
Tocopherol. SuperCrema is
suitable for all skin types.

Apply daily as needed (a little
goes a long way), day or evening
to protect the skin against
external agents. SuperCrema
creamy oil has a mildly and
natural scent characteristics of
its main ingredients and a blend
of natural essential oils, with an
olive green/yellow color from
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chlorophyll
and Beeswax.

SuperCrema Anti-Wrinkles
It helps to eliminate fine lines on
the face and keeps them from
SuperCrema Body Scub
1) Mix SuperCrema with a
teaspoon of sea salt.
2) Mix thoroughly together until
desired consistancy.
3) Use in the shower or bath.
Scrub in circular motions. Focus
scrub on dryer parts of the body.
Hands, feet, elbows, knees.
4) Rinse completely and follow
with a gentle cleanser or regular
body soap.
SuperCrema is produced with a
unique quality of Organic Extra Virgin
Olive Oil (DOP), Italy.
There the olive
trees grow at an altitude of 700
meters above sea level, the climate is
perfect all year long and the soil is
particularly fertile in absence of olive
fruit fly and other pests. This
combination makes this small little
area blessed and exclusive, which is
the perfect environment for the
creation of SuperCrema Skincare
Bio-Natural Creamy Oil.
SuperCrema for Damaged &
Unhealthy Hair
SuperCrema, when applied to dry
hair, it revitalizes and nourishes
unhealthy hair; and also helps
eliminate dandruff.

Pour a small amount of
SuperCrema on your hand and
massage into your hair. Leave in
for 30 minutes, then shampoo
and rinse. Your scalp will benefit
from healthy conditioning; your
hair will respond with more shine
and strength.
SuperCrema Massage Balm
SuperCrema, thanks to its all
natural formula enriched with
essential oils gives a pleasant
feeling of wellbeing during a
SuperCrema for Tattoos
SuperCrema is also useful when
having a tattoo done. When
applied on the skin, it avoids the
formation of scabs and therefore,
avoids having the tattoo done
SuperCrema Makeup
Just a bit of SuperCrema on a
cotton swab is all it takes to
gently and effectively remove
eye makeup without irritating the
delicate skin around the eye area.
The biggest added advantage is
that when used consistently,
SuperCrema can soften the skin
around the eyes and smooth out
wrinkles. We suggest following
up with a gentle cleanser to fully
remove any excess oil or makeup
SuperCrema Body Cream
Whether applied to face or body,
SuperCrema precious creamy
balm will penetrate deep into the
skin and provide a long-lasting
shield of moisture to keep skin
smooth and supple. Used either
as a night cream or skin potent

We recommend using
SuperCrema everyday especially
during the summer months to
ensure continued protection
against skin overexposed to sun
Apply after sun exposure, it
gives all of your body that
Mediterranean healthy look and
feeling while keeping your skin

SuperCrema Anti-Stretch
Marks Cream
prevents and
reduces them with constant use.
SuperCrema for Hands,
Cuticles and Feet
Rub SuperCrema into your nails
and cuticles each night to give a
beautiful shine and keep cuticles
soft. SuperCrema makes the
perfect, simple solution for dry
nails and cuticles. Simply rub a bit
of the precious creamy balm and
nails respond with a natural shine.
SuperCrema for Shaving
For both men and women,
SuperCrema as a pre-shave balm
is the first step to a great shave.
Some other shaving products can
include canola, wheat germ,
sesame, coconut and avocado.
SperCrema creamy balm stands
out amongst these other
products. It is grown from
century old olive trees in Italy,
and has been proven to renew

When shaving with SuperCrema,
use a small amount and
rub in evenly. After applying
SuperCrema, shave directly
using SuperCrema or apply your
usual shaving cream. The
outcome will leave your face
feeling soft and protected. We
suggest using it also as an
after-shave balm.
SuperCrema® Skin Care  
Precious Bio Natural
Creamy Oil
Made in Italy
SuperCrema for Lips
Gently rubbing a small amount of
SuperCrema precious creamy
balm on your lips daily provides
moisture and shine throughout
the day.
SuperCrema Contour Eye
Cream - Potent !
Place a small amount of
SuperCrema on your finger tips
and gently rub around your eyes
nightly for healthier looking skin.
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SuperCrema for Dry &
Dehydrated Skins
Apply SuperCrema on skin where
needed for an all-natural
hydration process.
SuperCrema®  is a Paraben
Free product !
SuperCrema®  contains
Organic Honey too !
SuperCrema®  contains NO
SLES, SLS, Perfumes !
ITALIAN SKIN CARE : SuperCrema Skin Care Creamy-Oil, Made in Italy
Skin Care
Organic Extra Virgin
Olive Oil & Honey
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