Broom Flower Soap
Renowned for its intoxicating scent, the person
who wears this fragrance is said to be

Sweet Violet Soap
During the Renaissance, Sweet Violet was
said to conceals its secrets of seduction and
symbolised love.

Tuscan Lavender Soap
Long admired for its restorative properties, the
fragrance of lavender creates an oasis of

Iris Soap
The floral emblem of Florence, Iris can be
found growing abundantly in the Tuscan

Red Poppy Soap
Its petals, which are as crimson as they are
fragile, make it the symbol of captivating

Cypress Tree Soap
Studding the hills surrounding Florence this
tree has long been admired for its fresh,
invigorating scent.
Dei Colli Fiorentini Soap Line