Citron & Bergamot Soap
This radiant soap gives off sunny notes of
bergamot to reveal an enchanting hearth of
citrusy freshness.

Fig & Almond Milk Soap
A Nesti Dante best seller this olive oil based
soap is inspired by Tuscan orchards. Enriched
with almond protein to soften and soothe the
skin, this soap is beautifully blended with notes of
green fig. Wrapped in traditional Florentine paper
that after use can be used as a drawer liner.

Pure Olive Oil & Tangerine Soap
This natural soap, made of pure olive oil, is
particularly mild and effective on all types of skin
and ages, both on the young and sensitive and
on the more mature and respect needed.

Peach & Melon Soap
A powerful marriage of peach and melon to
discover each day a sweet diet of beauty.

Pomegranate & Blackcurrant Soap
A "greedy" soap of fruity accents and scent of
berries that contain the nourishing properties of
pomegranate and blackcurrant.

Red Grapes and Blueberry Soap
This precious soap combines captivating
scents with the protective virtues of red grapes
and blueberry.

Black Cherry & Red Berries Soap
Made with love and care in Italy, this refreshing
soap is bursting with the natural goodness of
anti-oxidant rich black cherries and the
hydrating qualities of juicy red berries.

Mint & Quince Pear Soap
The unexpected fresh prelude of mint with its
purifying properties, together with the zesty note
of the quince pear , leave the skin smooth,
fresh, and deeply regenerated.

Medlar & Jujube Soap
The intense sweetness of the jujube bloom
blends smoothly with the velvety delicacy of the
medlar, creating a soap enriched with vitamin
C and anti-stress properties

IL Frutteto Liquid Soap 300 ml - Pump
Nesti Dante's pure, natural liquid soap made
with hydrating Italian olive oil. A vibrant and lively
fruit blend features notes of lemon extract, grape
leaves and and a hint of fig. Free from Sodium
Laureth Sulfate.

IL Frutteto Shower Gel 300 ml
Cleanse from head to toe with this revitalising
Nesti Dante bath and shower gel. Made with
pure Italian olive oil and free from Sodium
Laureth Sulfates and other nasty parabens.

Almond Olive Oil Liquid Soap 300 ml - Pump
Nesti Dante's natural liquid soap boasts
moisturizing almond extract for effective and
long lasting hydration. Made in Florence with
olive oil sourced from the stunning hills of

Almond Olive Oil Shower Gel 300 ml
A pure natural soap made with real olive oil to
soften and nourish skin. Free from Sodium
Laureth Sulfate. Made with love and care in
Florence, Italy.

Nesti Dante's best selling Fig & Almond is
now available in a soothing Hand & Body Liquid
Soap, and in a Shower Gel. Prepared in Italy
using natural active ingredients and fragranced
with notes of green fig. Ideal for use in the
kitchen or bathroom, this pump dispenser
ensures a mess-free way to cleanse.
Il Frutteto Soap Line